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Gerry Adams - Before the Dawn

Eric Lax - On Being Funny: Woody Allen and Comedy

Michael White - Asimov: The Unauthorized Life [Isaac Asimov]

Brian Masters - The Passion of John Aspinall

Arthur Davis - The Beatles: Quote Unquote

Angus Buchanan - Brunel [Isambard Kingdom Brunel]

Deborah Bull - Dancing Away

Jim Corbett - Jungle Lore

Jim Corbett - Man-Eaters of Kumaon

Robert Reid - Marie Curie

Susan Quinn - Marie Curie - A Life

Eve Curie - Marie Curie

Marguerite Young - Harp Song for a Radical [Eugene Victor Debs]

Andrew Morton - Diana, Her New Life [Princess Diana]

Sir Neville Faulks - A Law Unto Myself

Sir Morell Mackenzie - Fatal Illness of Frederick the Noble

Bob Geldof [with Paul Vallely] - Is That It?

Bernhard Grzimek - Twenty Animals, One Man

Graham McCann - Frankie Howard

Robert J Donovan - PT 109 [John F. Kennedy]

A.E.Popham - The Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci

Ken Livingstone - If Voting Changed Anything...

Ken Livingstone - You Can't Say That

John Carvel - Turn Again Livingstone [Ken Livingstone]

Nelson Mandela - Long Walk to Freedom

John Repsch - The Legendary Joe Meek

Donald Spoto - Marilyn Monroe The Biography

Woodham-Smith - Forence Nightingale

Theodore H. White - The Making of the President [Richard M. Nixon]

David Frost - Frost/Nixon [Richard M. Nixon]

Graham Norton - The Life And Loves Of A He Devil

Neville Judd - Al Stewart

Bruce Bernard - Vincent By Himself

Jessica Hawke - Follow My Dust [Arthur Upfield]

Rolling Stone - The Rolling Stones Files [Neil Young]


Biography - eclectic selection of biograhy and autobiography

Fiction including many first editions at competitive prices.

Healthcare - Selection of nursing, medicine and sociological tomes, including some classics

Humour - TV-linked books, 'humourous' novels.Plus 'annual editions' and more.

Nature - The Environment and the Natural World; a selection of books on zoos, wildlife, human behaviour

Pubs and Brewing and Brewiana - a selection of rare and unusual books and booklets.

Thought - From Marx to the Bible, a selection of quality books on politics, philosophy and religion.

Miscellany - You name it!

Private Eye - UK's Books


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