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Asimov: The Unauthorized Life

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Asimov: The Unauthorized Life

Asimov: The Unauthorized Life

"This is a short biography of the Good Doctor. One’s first response is what the heck do we need something like this for? Given the more than thousand pages that Asimov devoted to his formal biographies and the innumerable other pages he uses to talk about himself elsewhere, why do we need this?

Given that, it’s a darn good book, and we do need it. First of all, this is all of Asimov’s life in one place. This is something which is not available in any of Asimov’s works." - from a review by John H. Jenkins

Author:Michael White
Publisher:London: Millenium
edition:First Edition 1994

& Notes:

First Edition - vgood,

brief inscription facing IFC

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