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Jonathan Aycliffe - The Matrix

Anne Christie - My Secret Gorilla, first UK edition

J.P. Donleavy - The Onion Eaters, first UK edition

Charles Frank - Carole, first UK edition

Lee Goldberg - Mr. Monk and the Two Assistants

Charles Hamilton - The Complete Casebook of Herlock Sholmes, first UK edition

Joseph Heller - Catch-22, first RS edition

D. H. Lawrence - Full Score, first RS edition

Steve Martin - Shopgirl, first UK edition

W. Somerset Maugham - The Trembling Of A Leaf

Du Maurier - My Cousin Rachel

Jack Kerouac - Visions of Gerard & Tristessa

Doug Naylor - Last Human

Chapman Pincher - Not With A Bang, first UK edition

Terry Pratchett - The Carpet People - first UK edition, 1971

Harold Robbins - Where Love Has Gone, first UK edition

Bruce Stirling - Holy Fire

Francine Stock - A Foreign Country, first UK edition

Bram Stoker; Leonard Wolf, Editor - The Essential Dracula, first US edition

Paul Theroux - Chicago Loop, first US edition

J R R Tolkien - The Hobbit, Folio Society

Mary Jane Ward - The Snake Pit, first UK edition

P. G. Wodehouse - Something Fishy, first UK edition

Paula Yates - Village People, first UK edition

Marguerite Yourcenar - Two Lives and a Dream, first UK edition



Arthur W Upfield
Several novels by Arthur Upfield


Biography - eclectic selection of biograhy and autobiography

Fiction including many first editions at competitive prices.

Healthcare - Selection of nursing, medicine and sociological tomes, including some classics

Humour - TV-linked books, 'humourous' novels.Plus 'annual editions' and more.

Nature - The Environment and the Natural World; a selection of books on zoos, wildlife, human behaviour

Pubs and Brewing and Brewiana - a selection of rare and unusual books and booklets.

Thought - From Marx to the Bible, a selection of quality books on politics, philosophy and religion.

Miscellany - You name it!

Private Eye - UK's Books

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