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Private Eye - the UK's satirical magazine:Launched almost 50 years ago, the Eye has (with mixed success) poked a long bony finger at the establishment. With more success, it has mocked the UK's other media.

More Private Eye Books For Sale!

Updated stock listings for all years 1962-2008

Ouble is proud to be able to sell a range of Eye back issues; if any interest you, send an email (address below), for a final quotation, including postage.

Individual issue prices vary with condition and rarity, all are used. If in doubt, please ask.

Buying a Series:

For orders of 10 or more, 10% reduction in total price (Excluding postage)
For orders of 25 or more, 25% reduction in total price (Excluding postage)
For orders of 50 or more, 30% reduction in total price (Excluding postage)

UK buyers:

Cash (at your small risk) is quite acceptable, but I prefer cheques (£££s from a UK bank; allow time to clear), or Paypal (£££s or $$$s).

Outside the UK:

I prefer reliable electronic payments - Paypal  - for speed and simplicity.

I can accept cash (GBP-£££s, USD-$$$s and Euros) at your (small) risk.

Selling YOUR Eyes:

Why you DON'T want me to buy your Private Eyes

A note on condition:

Private Eye is famously printed on the cheap; this means that the paper tends to oxidize (tan, go brown) - rapidly in direct light, so tops and bottoms are frequently quite dark. My copies are second hand - so have often sat in briefcases, or even been rolled in pockets. So few are pristine, but most are good, and I store them in the dark, flat, so I minimise any further damage. I'll always note any significant flaws, if it's the only copy I have, and price accordingly.

Oh, and I have several copies of many issues, so do ask if you want duplicates.When you register an interest, I'll put those copies aside for a few days while you make a final decision - please let me know before sending cash, so I can expect it.

Please note: I do keep the pages as up to date as I can, and I do check for accuracy - but I'm only human, so errors can occur. These details do not - unless confirmed by email - constitute a final offer or contract of sale, and should be construed as providing general information which requires confirmation.

How To Order

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