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Subject Title Author*
Forence Nightingale Forence Nightingale
Ever Yours, Forence Nightingale
Vicinus, Nergaard
David Niven Bring On The Empty Horses autobiography
Richard M. Nixon The Making of the President
Theodore H. White
David Frost
Margaret Powell Climbing the Stairs
Margaret Powell's London Season
Arthur Rackham Arthur Rackham James Hamilton
Dan Rather I Remember autobiography
Ronald Reagan Landslide Unmaking of President Mayer and McManus
Peter Rogers Mr Carry On Bright & Ross
M. Night Shyamalan The Man Who Heard Voices Michael Bamberger
John Stalker Stalker autobiography
Al Stewart Al Stewart Neville Judd
David Taylor Wandering Whale David Taylor
Margaret Thatcher The Downing Street Years autobiography
Torvill & Dean Torvill & Dean John Hennessy
Arthur Upfield Follow My Dust Jessica Hawke
Vincent Van Gogh The World of Van Gogh
Van Gogh
Robert Wallace
Wilhelm Uhde
Paula Yates Village People autobiography
Neil Young The Rolling Stones Files Rolling Stone

*Please note that some 'autobiographies' are ghost-written

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